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As an introduction to my travel section, I've got to show the poem [in Swedish] written by my grandfather for my fourth birthday:

Det finns väl en väg till Samarkand
högt över öknens hetta och damm
En gyllene hägring en lycka som få
med fantasins vingar du kan den nå
Vintergatans bro vad är väl den
med rymdraket du far förbi och hem igen

Jordbunden man som morfar är
vet ju så litet vad livet dig lär
Hjärtliga gratulationer på din fyraårsdag
Lev livet leende och seende önskar jag

At that time, I was too small to ask him what was in his thoughts when he wrote these words. To be honest, I don't have the slightest remembrance of the poem, nor of my fourth birthday. More than thirty years later, the poem surfaced when my parents moved to a new house, and I could read it for the first time.
Today I don't have the opportunity to ask him anymore. But I can't help feeling that I, through several journeys to near and far, have made his prediction come true to some extent.
I know my grandfather used to read much and that he took an interest in foreign countries and cultures. Looking back at the text, I start wondering whether he was inspired by Harry Martinsson's Aniara at the time of writing...

Now, the travel information..

So far I've assembled travel information on a few regions where I, during my own journeys, have found travel guides to lack information on these specific areas.

You can find information regarding:
La Mosquitia, Honduras
Península de Paria, Venezuela
Tanjung Puting National Park, Kalimantan, Indonesia

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