La Mosquitia, a Honduran Journey

Have you seen the movie Mosquito Coast? It was recorded in San Aguan, some 40 km east of Trujillo, Honduras, in the northeastern parts of La Mosquitia. Now, whatever you think of the movie as such, the image it presents of La Mosquitia is by no means a fair picture of the region.

La Mosquitia is a sparsely populated region covering the northeastern parts of Honduras and Nicaragua. It is a remote area which sees few tourists. Most of the tourists in Honduras don't even know of its existence. The means for transportation are basically boats, airplanes and your own feet. Roads are few. Living within La Mosquitia you'll find Miskito, Pech and Tawahka indians, together with Garífunas.

castle.jpg A week-long journey took me down the coast from Trujillo, Honduras, and into the Rio Plátano Biosphere Reserve, travelling upriver to the village of Las Marias.

For anyone planning to visit La Mosquitia, remember that the information below is far from a complete guide to the area. I have simply put down what I learned and saw during my visit in June 1997, and I hope this can be useful to future travellers. And, bear in mind that information is aiming at budget travel.

The tourist with limited time and a large wallet can join a tour organized by travel agents from, for example, La Ceiba, Trujillo or Palacios. Tours are often 3-5 days, and prices around US$100/day and person, which includes flying from/to La Ceiba.

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